The Second Collection

Faceless - The Second Collection

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Annoying feminists, misogynists and whiney liberals the world over.

He’s back! Bruce Sutherland presents Faceless - The Second Collection, gathering many of the most provocative and controversial Faceless strips published since the highly popular first edition was unleashed on an unsuspecting public.

Faceless is published daily, entertaining thousands of readers worldwide. With a No-Holds-Barred approach to what’s funny, Faceless constantly pushes the boundaries of humour and good taste deemed acceptable by “the PC brigade”. In fact, Faceless pokes fun at all elements of daily life - more often than not, focusing on the tortuous relationships between men and women.

In his quest to make you laugh, Bruce flagrantly thumbs his nose at the self-appointed guardians of society’s feelings and sensibilities. You'll surely want to add this collection to your collection!

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Faceless - The First Collection

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Hilarious … controversial … irreverent … riotous … profane … sick …

These are just some of the adjectives that have been applied to Faceless, the in-your-face, un-PC cartoon strip that has taken South Africa – and the World Wide Web – by storm. From kinky sex and dysfunctional families to misogyny, adultery and warring couples, nothing and no one is sacred in Bruce Sutherland’s contentious cartoons. Faceless never pulls any punches, expressing those sentiments you feel but never dare verbalise for fear of being judged ‘politically incorrect’.

Although Faceless amuses and entertains, its hard-core content is also bound to shock you out of your apathy. In this comic strip there are no holy cows – the comments and observations, and generally taking the Mickey out of people, are aimed at everyone. Whether you are sick and tired of living in an obsessively PC world or just want to laugh out loud at the absurdities of daily life, this book is for YOU!

Faceless - The First Book

The world has gone nuts – excessively politically correct, extremely sensitive and missing its sense of humour. If we want to say what's on our minds, tell a joke or make a scything comment, we run the risk of twisting someone's knickers.

Well I've had enough.

Faceless is here to amuse, entertain and say what we all want to say (or wish we had thought of saying). While it is not my intention to purposely upset anyone, I have no doubt that someone will be grumpy by the end of the book.

Nevertheless, I hope the rest of you will have a good laugh.

Bruce Sutherland

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