11 Jan 2021: I hope you are back soon. I am going through withdrawals.

8 Jan 2021: Ha. But you're rich with the wonderful gift of un-pc. Keep on keeping on.

7 Jan 2021: And you grossly overestimate the number of books I have sold 🤪 - Bruce

7 Jan 2021: Both are billionares, both are missing in action. Ok, so Bruce is no longer missing.

7 Jan 2021: Can't wait to see you back Bruce. Reno, Nevada

7 Jan 2021: Why Jack Ma of all people? - Bruce

6 Jan 2021: Bruce is holidaying with Jack Ma.

25 Dec 2020: School is out for the little children

24 Dec 2020: Hey, Bruce - Ref your 23rd comment. They are wrong. Simple as.

23 Dec 2020: They probably don't even like themselves either, those down click pricks.

23 Dec 2020: People just don't like the fact we won't see any new funnies for awhile

23 Dec 2020: So 200 people either don't like my Christmas joke or message 🙄 - Bruce

20 Dec 2020: My pleasure, and fingers crossed. 🤞 - Bruce

20 Dec 2020: 2021 has to be better. Thanks for keeping us sane Bruce!!

19 Dec 2020: Thank you, Bruce. Merry Xmas. From Mr Furken and the whole Furken family

18 Dec 2020: Thank you. - Bruce

18 Dec 2020: Amen!

18 Dec 2020: And a better Christmas than you would wish for yourself to you, Faceless!

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