26 Apr 2021: @ Previous comment: The paperback can be found it here: https://www.amazon.com/Faceless-Collection-Mr-Bruce-Sutherland/dp/0620632178 (BTW I don’t set the price)

For EBook versions (more cost effective):

25 Apr 2021: Bruce, I can't find your 2nd edition on Amazon U.S.

25 Apr 2021: Experience with holding the rod???? Welcome to the Mens Club!!

24 Apr 2021: Technology improves biology!

24 Apr 2021: Thank you all, I speak from experience =D - Bruce

23 Apr 2021: Ha, that's very funny, well done

23 Apr 2021: Brilliant engineering solution - Bruce clearly has “the knack”

23 Apr 2021: Nice train

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