7 Jan 2024: Take your time Bruce, let the cry babies drown in their tears. LOL

7 Jan 2024: Jeez, calm down a bit. I'll be back to my usual charming self on Tuesday. - Bruce

7 Jan 2024: And they are paying how much for this pivilege?

6 Jan 2024: Down rated because no new comics

2 Jan 2024: Yeh. Why is it Bruce's fault that they got coal in the stocking?

2 Jan 2024: Haters gonna hate... :-\ - Bruce

1 Jan 2024: Why visit just to downvote?

21 Dec 2023: Backat'cha Bruce!

21 Dec 2023: Thank you for all the wishes. Have too much to eat, too much to drink, and have a jolly old time. See you in 2024! - Bruce

20 Dec 2023: Merry Christmas and a HUGE Thank You for all the humor.

20 Dec 2023: No, no …CANADA

20 Dec 2023: Supposed to be Canads

20 Dec 2023: Thanks from Cam

20 Dec 2023: Thanks from Ireland

20 Dec 2023: Sincere thanks for a very enjoyable year

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