12 Mar 2024: ...don't you activate the SSL certificate?

12 Mar 2024: @Bruce Seems like it. Why don

11 Mar 2024: I guess we have the same idea, good thing I registered it a while back (sorry, not sorry). - Bruce

11 Mar 2024: @Bruce My surname is Sutherland and I wanted a mail address for my fam; name@...

8 Mar 2024: Elon, you can't afford it.

7 Mar 2024: You want to buy my domain? Why? - Bruce

7 Mar 2024: I doubt any of you will applaud after this landing I'm about to do.

7 Mar 2024: I want to buy this domain :'(

6 Mar 2024: i hope you wore your good undies

6 Mar 2024: 'Have any passengers ever been in a Turkish prison?'

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